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    Our Platform

    The Californian National Party is a progressive-minded political party in California, particularly unique in that we embrace Californian independence from the United States of America at the core of our platform. We believe that the American political and economic systems no longer serve the interests of Californians and that California has the people, resources, economic power, and the right to govern itself independently of Washington and to determine our own destiny. However, seeking independence is only one part of our party's platform. We have many other problems in California that need to be addressed while we advance the cause of independence - problems that Democrats and Republicans alike either outright ignore or just plain fail to solve. That is where the Californian National Party comes in.

    the Californian National Party Supports: 

    • Independence from the United States of America
    • Rebuilding and Modernizing California's Infrastructure
    • Single-payer Universal Healthcare for all Californians
    • Debt-free Higher Education for all Californians
    • Environmental Protection and Resource Conservation
    • Reducing the Widening Income Gap in California
    • Expanding Affordable Housing and Reducing Homelessness
    • Reasonable Gun Safety Laws and Regulations
    • Californian Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants
    • Preserving Women's Reproductive Rights
    • Equal Rights for California's LGBT Community
    • Protecting Personal Privacy Rights
    • Local Governance and Control of Local Resources
    • Proportional Party Representation in the State Legislature
    • Banning Campaign Contributions from Out-of-State
    • Peace as the Cornerstone of California's Foreign Policy
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